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SAMURAI Options:
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Field of Application:

This option is particularly applicable for officially certifiable environmental noise monitoring, for routine (e.g. end-of-line) tests and for general measurement tasks which require a notification to be generated upon the occurrence of specific events. The option offers a wide range of possibilities for notification and control in specific measurement situations.

Furthermore, this option allows measurement values of similar type to be collected from a series of separate measurements.


This option allows the device to be set up to react automatically upon the occurrence of trigger conditions, e.g. in order to send a notification, to switch an output signal or to start an external program. Such a trigger could be activated by the deviation of a spectrum from a configurable reference spectrum, a level exceedance, or other events.

In particular for remote monitoring, this option also offers the possibility of a time-controlled automatic calibration check of outdoor microphones equipped with electrostatic actuator calibration, together with an appropriate notification of the result of the check (e.g. via e-mail).

A further component of this option is the “Measurement Data Collection Box”. This is used in order to collect measurement values of similar type from a series of separate measurements. At the end of each measurement, individual measurement values are collected into a table and saved in a separate file.

Technical Data
  • Output events via COM, output channels, externally executable file, sound, text notification, e-mail or SMS
  • Reference spectrum trigger (comparison of a frequency analysis with reference spectra)
  • Transmission of status messages via e-mail and SMS
  • Time-controlled automatic calibration check
  • Measurement Data Collector Box (collects measurement values of similar type)

Figure 1: Reference spectrum trigger

Figure 2: Curve editor for reference spectra and weighting curves

Figure 3: Measurement Data Collector Box

Figure 4: Automatic calibration check